NRI leaving away from property and facing challenges to mange their property back home


Real estate is one of the popular investments for NRIs in India. It is, however, an investment that comes with a catch. Who deals with issues like maintenance, utility and property tax?

???Despite having a lot of relatives, friends in Chennai, we were unable to get basics done because everyone is so busy these days,??? Prasad Rao, a software consultant from SouthLake, Texas, had told the Times of India .???Once, the electricity connection in our flat was disconnected???

Staying far from my property and managing was very challenging to me .Tenant fee management, Resedential property rent-outs, crediting advances or wiring money to different country, ??payment of water tax, corporate tax, payment of maintenance to building societies.Even undertaking interior designing projects, refurbishing, garden landscaping, undertaking fencing, payment to gardeners. The only option I had left was to call my father, who is over 70 years.

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